Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No Cure For the Summertime Blues (Or In Our Case, Grays)

Gee, have you missed me?

I haven't written in a while, and I could tell you that's because I've been busy doing summer chores like painting our peeling back patio doors (which is true) or that my mind is on getting us all ready for vacation (really, it's on getting me ready for the flight) or that a migraine and a recurrence of my vertigo have had me KOed this week. All those things are valid excuses, but my dry spell in writing this week has much more to do with a bad, bad case of the blahs.

I don't usually blah in the summer. I've suspected for years that I have a touch of seasonal affective disorder because my blues and even my crankiness get better when my skin absorbs a few UVA and UVB rays each day. But this is, so far, a summer that isn't summer.

Is it like this this year where you live? Where it feels more like fall than summer? Where every day seems to break a new record for a record-low high?

I've seen about 10 minutes of sunshine today. And yesterday was sunny, if not quite hot enough to make me want to brave the pool. But mostly this week is like last: gray, cool, sometimes drizzly.

In others words, summer isn't summer.

I want to go swimming. I want to see the sun. I want the grass to dry out so much we have to run the sprinkler a night or two a week. I want to get hot and then cool off with icy lemonade or a banana popsicle. I want to wear tank tops and have to put on sunscreen just to walk up to the mailbox.

Who's with me? Any of you missing the arrival of summer this year?


Shan said...

I TOTALLY agree. I am in a serious where is the sun funk around here. Bring it on!

Robert K. said...

This would be a good time to come on out to Oklahoma. Heat advisory today, and it will be over 100 in the shade for the foreseeable future with no chance of rain. Frankly, I'd rather have your clouds and mild weather than sweating my ass off every day.

Karen said...

Or, if you don't quite want your highs in the 100's, come on down here. It's only in the 90's with 200% humidity. :)