Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Girl's Got Taste

I hear "I want..." from Ainsley. A lot.

I guess I was like that as a kid, too. Every commercial for a Glamour Gal or Western Barbie or Space Pets during Saturday morning cartoons had me turning to my mom and saying, "Can I have that?" And just like my mom, when Ainsley turns to me and asks, "Can I have that?", my answer is almost always, "No!"

"Almost always" because sometimes what she wants is pretty cool, and my answer instead becomes "Maybe for your birthday or Christmas." This is how we now have such "as seen on TV" gems as the GloDoodle (seriously, this is a fun toy) and Wikki Sticks (which I am still not sure I get.)

Sometimes, the "I want..." leads to us going to see something cool. That's how we went to see Up! and the stage version of High School Musical 2, each fun and educational in its own way. I try not to spoil our little only child, but occasionally one of her "I want..." requests is an "I want" for her mom, too. I look at it as bonding.

And our next bit of bonding just may be at Ainsley's first grown-up concert.

On our way in to school today, we were listening to our local top-40 station. We heard an ad come on for Daughtry's November concert at our metro area's newest concert stage. During the ad, the song "Home" was playing in the background.

Ainsley let out a gasp.

"Mommy, can we go?"

"Go where?" I was looking around for a sign for some kiddie festival or hayride or pumpkin patch.

"To that concert!" she said. "I love them."

"Do you even know who that is? It's not the Jonas Brothers. It's a band called Daughtry and their concert isn't really for kids your age."

"But I love their songs."

Well. Color me shocked.

What do you think, readers? Should we go? Would a Daughtry concert be a safe step up from Miley and the Jo Bros? Or should we wait for the kitten-like safe lovableness of Taylor Swift?

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Robert K. said...

Isn't Chris Daughtry like 35 with a wife and kids? I don't think he's exactly going to be sacrificing virgins on stage. I say go. :)