Thursday, April 8, 2010


Spring break starts tomorrow for me. Oh, glory! I do not know that I have ever needed to be away from my job so badly as I need to be away now. This is the latest I can ever remember having spring break, and the kids are as squirrely as a herd of cats.

This may be my last post for a few days as I plan on indulging myself in a mix of hard-core R & R and knocking tasks off of my extensive around-the-house to-do list. So here are some tidbits I've been thinking about and wanting to discuss. Chime in below if you are so inclined.

1. I hate Duke.
No, really. We shouldn't hate. Unless it's Duke. I totally take the fall for their NCAA tourney win; I did not make the Anti-Duke chili. I didn't think it was really necessary as I felt they were overrated, and now that UK seems to have risen from the ashes I was a little afraid to weaken the mojo in the event we meet Duke next year. But given the texts and emails I've gotten from friends after Monday night's game saying, "Why didn't you make the chili? How could you let them win like that?", I feel I need to issue a mea culpa.

If you are a fellow Duke-hater, please say bad things about them below. It will make you feel better, I swear.

2. Vertigo sucks.

Yes, it's back. You may remember that two years ago around this time I blogged about a bout with positional vertigo that came on suddenly and lasted over a month. When it came on after a run, I really thought I was having a stroke. Well, it's back, this time brining its close friends "muffled hearing" and "crackling noises."

I have an appointment with an ENT tomorrow; my regular doctor thinks that there may be something chronic going on that I need checked out and diagnosed. Until then, my whole world slopes downhill and to the left. The upside: I feel like I'm always on an amusement park ride without ever leaving my house! Sweet!

3. If I rent a tiller over break to re-work a a piece of our landscaping that is no longer scaped, how long will it take before I go to the emergency room?

Jason says I can't do this by myself; I don't know whether to believe him or to have my girl power all offended. Has anyone ever used one before? Am I capable? Or are you taking bets right now as to whether or not I end up coming back to work on the 19th with either a noticeable limp or a displaced limb?

4. Lost is new next week, and since I won't have to work the next day, I'll get to do one of my favorite things in the world: drink a Cosmopolitan while getting my brain fried from Lost mythology. Life is good, friends. Life is good.

Have a good spring week, if not a good spring break week. Wish me luck in dealing with ENTs (not Ents, like in The Two Towers, though that would be so much cooler) and tillers. I'll catch up with y'all sometime soon.

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