Monday, March 12, 2012

And Then This Happens

You know how it is. It's Thursday, you're doing fine, going along, living your life, setting the alarm on your iPhone to get Jon Stewart tickets as soon as they go on sale for the night he comes to your city, wondering what craft brew you might get at the growler station on Friday night, and your phone rings.

And at the other end is someone who tells you your mother is in the hospital because her doctor thinks she has acute myeloid leukemia. And then two days later the bone marrow biopsy confirms that the doctor was right. Suddenly, everything you thought you knew about the fairness of life has been thrown out the window.

So, yeah, that happened. As you can imagine, I'm feeling a wide variety of things right now, including, but not limited to, blind rage against whatever forces conspired to allow my father, myself, the second love of my mother's life, and now my mother to all get (and in 2 of the above cases, die of) cancer. It seems like a bit much for one family.

Needless to say, I will not exactly be swimming in free time over the next months. I would tell you the prognosis, but it's fairly depressing, and I am pretending not to know. Really, I don't; a lot of how this goes depends on how much she wants to fight.

I may be blogging from time to time, as I will need to do some things to maintain both sanity and some semblance of normalcy. But I would imagine I will be on hiatus for a while.

Please keep my family in your thoughts. As my mother would say, we have a long row to hoe.

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