Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Funnies

Today marks the beginning of a new segment called Friday Funnies. I don't know about y'all, but by Friday, I don't even want to gripe or complain or be profound. I just need to laugh on the last day of the week, because by then every moron in my corner of the world has crossed my path, and if I don't laugh my head will explode.

So every Friday I am going to try to point you toward some funny links or tell you funny stories.

Let's start, shall we?

1. Overheard
Coming in to the school building this morning, I passed a group of girls. One of them was carrying a huge poster she had done for a class. She opened it up and showed it to her friends, who were mightily impressed.
One them asked, "What's that big white spot?"
"Oh, no.! That's where a picture fell off. It used to be a picture of Barack Obama."
"Who's that?"
I stopped in my tracks. Seriously? We don't know who Obama is?
Without missing a beat, the girl who made the poster rolled it back up and, dead serious, smacked her friend in the back of the head with it. Hard.
"He's the black guy running for President, idiot."
Before you judge her for generalizing Obama as "the black guy," let me tell you that this student is black.

2. Olan Mills Awesomeness
This viral email came to me this week, and I had to excuse myself to the AV room after I opened it. I don't know if an email has ever made me laugh so hard. Well, maybe this one.

3. Not "Funny Ha-Ha,"...
But "funny crap-your-pants-scary." The Tom Cruise Scientology video. Remember, girls, how we used to love Tom Cruise? How we would have sold our souls to Xenu to have been Charlie to his Maverick in Top Gun? How incredulous and judgemental we were of Nicole after their divorce? How we used to watch A Few Good Men and think, "There's a genuinely good guy and one of the finest actors of our generation at work"? (Well, maybe that last one was just me.) Does this put the nail in that coffin or what?

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