Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Funnies

Need a laugh? Me, too! Let's revisit an old an often forgotten feature of the blog where I share with you my laughs of the week.

First, a joke I heard on the radio. I rarely think a spoken joke is laugh-out-loud funny; I am more into situational or visual humor. But this joke, submitted by someone entering the radio station's contest to win Robin Williams tickets, is one of the best I've heard in a while. (Though I must confess, it took me a few seconds to get it; that should tell you how quick I am here lately.)

A farmer tells his wife that he needs a break from getting up before dawn to take care of the chores, and that it's high time their teenage son started being more responsible. They decide that the next morning the farmer will sleep in while their son gathers eggs, slops the hogs, and milks the cow.

The boy's not happy about it. When he gathers the eggs, he gets so mad that he kicks the chickens around. As he slops the hogs, he gets even madder and gives a pig a good kick. When the cow moos at him while he's milking her, it's the last straw and he gives her a boot in the rear.

When he's all finished, he comes back to the house starving. He sits down at the table and announces to his mom that he wants bacon, eggs, and a big glasss of milk.

"Well, mister, I saw you kick that cow just a few minutes ago. You actually think I should give you milk that came from that cow? No milk for you for two weeks. And I saw you kick the chickens, too; no eggs for you. And don't think I don't know about you kicking the hogs; you're not getting any bacon for two weeks, either."

The son is none too happy and just sits there, staring at an empty table.

About this time the farmer comes down the steps after his morning in bed. As he comes down the stairs, he trips over the cat. He gets so mad that he rears back and kicks the poor cat.

The son sighs.

"Well, mom, are you gonna tell him, or should I?"

The full subtext of that didn't hit me for a second or two.

If that didn't tickle your funny bone, go to this, my new favorite blog:

One of my frequent commenters on the blog sent me this item in an email last year, and it made my favorite soft drink come out my nose in a very unladylike fashion when I read it.

Enjoy, and happy Friday.

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