Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This Just In: The Best Gifts Ever

Oh. My. God.

Stop what you're doing. Go to www.liveautographs.com. Pretend you've got a couple of hundred dollars lying around just waiting to be used to both spoil that special someone and donate to charity. Drool.

I just read about this on EW's website in an article about my favorite TV show, Lost. You've all heard of the big "Stand Up 2 Cancer" extravaganza coming this fall to raise money for cancer research, right? Live Autographs isn't directly offiliated with Stand Up 2 Cancer, but it's the avenue some stars (including some of the actors and the producers of Lost) are taking to raise money for that event. It's just in beta now and my heart is already thumping with the possibilities; I can't wait until more celebrity participants are revealed.

Play around and see for yourself, but here are the basics. You can get one of an ever-growing list of stars (mostly cult favorites right now) to record a customized video message for you or someone you know. Your written request can be no more than 300 characters, but that's enough to get Lost's Josh Holloway to drawl, "Forget Freckles. Cranky is the only girl for me," no? Of course, to get this message, you have to buy a donated piece of memorabilia, and none of them are under $100. But along with your video message, you get another video showing your chosen celebrity signing your purchased memorabilia with your message. You will get a confirmation email after you go through the process telling you the date and time your event will stream live and tell you how to download it. There will be no doubt that you are spending your money on an authentic, bonafide object.

Awesome. Brilliant.

And it all goes to a great cause.

Time is limited, though. Each celebrity has a certain number of videos and messages that he/she will do and some celebrities are only signing and taping on one prescheduled day. If you find something you want, you gotta get it fast.

So if anyone out there is looking for a, I don't know, belated anniversary present, early Christmas present, or 34 1/2 birthday present for me, I would happily accept a signed poster of Matthew Fox with a message that congratulates me on five years remission and implies he would be "Lost" without me (hardy har har.) If anyone (cough Jason cough) was wondering what I might like.

What do you have your eye on?


InsectQueen said...

Aha! A cranky librarian. I think you may be get a laugh out of a painting I did as part of my Cranky Cat Collection. Here's a link to my site: http://crankycats.com/ and the image name is Cranky Cat And Bookworm. Please ignore the "alot" and other grammatical errors on the site; someone else set the site up for me and I'm in the process of figuring out how to make corrections.

Anonymous said...

Cult favorites? Anybody for some Clive Owen? M-m-m-m-mmmm.