Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I just wanted to let you know, my precious and few readers, that Cranky will be taking a break this week.

Jason's mother passed away Monday morning after her brave battle with COPD. She was a fighter until the very end.

As you can imagine, this is a hard week. I don't think I can bring the funny for a while. And when I've tried to write what I'm really feeling right now it all comes out trite and cliched, so I am going to take some time off and when I come back next week, I am sure I'll be able to put something together in Kathie's honor that befits the Cranky Librarian brand. Kathie read my blog from time to time and told Jason once, "I didn't know she was that funny. She should write a book." Coming from the matriarch of the most naturally funny people I know, that was high praise and I want to write about her in a way that will make her laugh, and make her proud.

Because behind the illness, and behind the grief we all are feeling, Kathie was a person who loved life and enjoyed every minute. She wouldn't want us to take things too seriously now.

But in my own grief, and in my worry about Jason, who is trying so hard to be a rock, I am in a very somber, humorless state of mind right now.

I will return next week, and I hope that Kathie inspires me to get my sense of humor back.

Much love,


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