Thursday, January 28, 2010

Purple Boas and Lady Gaga. Oh My.

After last night's cheerleading practice, Ainsley informed me that each girl needed to buy a purple feather boa (!) for the big floor routine they're learning for Cheer Fest, their end-of-season exhibition where it's not about the basketball team, it's all about them.

I sighed. A purple feather boa. First of all...

Where do I find one? That's not exactly something I buy regularly, especially this long after our honeymoon (ba dum dum.)

And secondly...there's something so wrong about a seven-year-old doing a dance in a short skirt and a feather boa. I am not sure I approve. One day it's a cheerleading uniform and a boa; the next, it's a "Bumpit" in her hair and red lipstick and clothes from Forever 21. It's a gateway to skankdom.

My fears were confirmed on the way to school this morning when "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga came on the radio.

"Hey!" Ainsley said. "That's the song our big dance routine starts with! After that first part with all those words, one of the girls yells, 'H-O-T-T' and then we all yell, 'H-O-T-T.' It's really neat."

Lord. Have. Mercy.

Yes, when you're a cheerleader, your team isn't just "hot." They're "HOTT."

Oh, help.

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Melmart said...

Go to Hobby Lobby or to Party Source. At Hobby Lobby the feather boa's are in the crafty area somewhere in the middle of the back section. Trust me, I looked for every feather boa in NKY for Seussical. Party Source has it in the mardi gras themed areas.

And...7 year olds at a religious school dancing to Lady gag a is not something that lines up in my head....