Monday, January 4, 2010


Hey there, readers! Here's hoping you had a good holiday. I did not come back to the blog the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve the way I thought would because, for the first time in a few years, I can honestly say I had a great vacation. No one got sick, we didn't get snowed in, we didn't over-schedule ourselves. Before I knew it, my two weeks were over. And here I am, munching on leftovers, writing during lunch. Yeah, it kinda sucks to be back in the land of 9 to 5 (or 7 to 3, as the case may be.)

I only have one real resolution this year, and I am hoping you can join me in this one. It's a request that comes from a friend of mine. Let's call this new year "twenty-ten." Not "two-thousand ten" like I keep hearing, or the awfully awkward and nonsensical "oh-ten." Twenty-ten has a nice symmetry going for it and sets up a pattern that will save us all a lot of wasted syllables in the coming decade. I shudder at the thought of trying to roll "two-thousand-seventeen" off my aging tongue.

Whatever you do call it, happy new year, y'all. I will be back later today to resume writing about my life as usual.

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