Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful, 2010

I've done one of these every year, so bear with me as I do another. I would not be able to eat my turkey, dumplings, and pumpkin pie if I didn't take a moment to be grateful. Feel free to throw in your own personal grace in the comments below. It will make your dinner taste better. Honest.

I'm thankful...

1.  ...for my family. Of course.
I may not be the most patient mother and wife (okay, I'm KNOW I'm not the most patient mother and wife) but I love my kid and my husband so much it hurts sometimes. I am blessed to have a kid who's 8-going-on-18, a kid who is equal parts serious/studious/scary-mature and goofy/silly/playful. I am also blessed to have a husband who kills big spiders (or at least tries to) and who works so hard for us. Plus, they're both terribly, terribly cute.

2. ...that my mom has a man in her life who adores her and takes her out dancing on Saturday nights and who in general helps to heal the loneliness she's been forced to live with since my dad died.

3. ...for my eyes, which can see tolerably well without thick glasses or uncomfortable contacts after Lasik.
My right eye could still see more clearly, but now that things are healing, I'm quite happy that I didn't chicken out like I was certain I would do.

4. ...that someone at my school district thought I was deserving of an iPad.

5. ...for another cancer-free year. Writing that will never, ever get old.

6. ...for my new favorite blog, Hyperbole and a Half. Allie's writing and drawings have gotten me through more than one rough day at work. (If you're not familiar with that site, this entry is a great one to start with.)

Incidentally, this may be my last "regular" blog post for a while. I'm toying with trying something new for the holidays. Something that may launch me into getting serious about doing some "real" writing that I might try to get published some day. Stay tuned, and have a great Thanksgiving.

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