Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Save a Horse....

We librarians are generally opposed to censorship. We believe in the freedom of expression and the right to read others' ideas. However, I found myself desperately wishing I could censor a window sticker I was forced to read the entire length of Richardson Road last night.

I was behind a pickup truck with two window stickers. The one on the left said, "Save a Horse/Ride a Cowboy." Yes, yes, how clever. I see what you're doing there with that naughty innuendo. Subtle. (Around the time this song came out I decided I was over country music for a while.) Then there was the one on the right: "Be a Flirt/Raise Your Skirt." Say whaaaaa?

Since when is it appropriate for a grown man (or, a male over the age of 16, presumably) to basically say, "Show me your female parts"? In public? In front of young girls? My daugther is only 4 and can't read yet, but when she can read, I know a sticker like that is going to get some questions. And while I am far from being a prude, I don't think this is something I want her to be exposed to. I know she will be eventually; after all, we will want her to go away to college. But still. "Raise Your Skirt." Please.

I seethed the whole way home. I started picturing this individual whose freely expressed sentiment offended me so as one of those hypocrites who thinks the Harry Potter books should be banned from school libraries. Then I hated myself for being stereotypical. Then I laughed at my husband for asking me if I would be offended if the sticker said, "Show Me Your Cooter."

Of course not. We all know that the cooter is a small river animal that even has its own festival.


Wanda Y. said...

I barely made it through your rant about the obnoxious bumper sticker becuase my eyes were blurring with tears....then, I realized that the cooter (KUDER) is also a high school requirement in Ohio for the Graduation Passport--an employability assessment. {And YES, I childishly chuckle each time I have to say or hear this...}We are preparing our students to proudly display their KUDERs....I sincerely appologize!

Angi said...

You hit the dichotomy on the head. In our 20's we lived the "damn the rules" lifestyle. Suddenly we are required the share our world with our children. My husband often laughs at me and warns not to take myself to seriously or I may become my father. Thanks for the validation and the roaring laughter! Angi (Goins)