Friday, October 19, 2007

Oh, A Hunting Wii Will Go...

In light of our friends getting us hooked on Dance Dance Revolution on their Wii, and Jason's discovery last night that there's going to be a Disney Princess interactive game coming out for Wii, we are starting to talk about searching for the notoriously elusive gaming console. I never wanted to buy a video game system. I still don't know if I really want to; do I succumb to the temptation, or be the stronger woman and not cave to yet another obsession to eat up my free time? I will attempt to capture my dilemna in the following soliloquy:

To Wii, or not to Wii; that is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler for my mind to resist
The temptation and pursue healthier activities
Such as reading and critiquing new television shows,
Or to sling digital arrows at fictional foes in the land of Zelda.
To purchase, to play; to play, perchance to injure myself
And be treated for "Wii elbow" , or worse, to put a hole
In our television with a nunchuck.
Thus conscience does make cowards of us all,
And leaves flip-floppers uncertain of the right decision.

Thank you, thank you. No, really. You're too kind.

So, what do we do here? Who out there Wiis, and who has resisted? And who will come over for a Dance Dance Revolution party if we get one?


Shan said...

We don't have a Wii, but we have an X-Box 360 (that I love)...and TJ and I would totally come over an play with you all :-)

dross said...

Hey, Cranky,

I _love_ your blog. You know hubby and I will be around and in my opinion it's worth getting a Wii just for the chance to bully (or intoxicate) him into joining in a round of dance dance revolution. I'll be all left feet, myself. Can't wait to see you all again! DD is making her b-day plans. Looks like rent-a-shoes and bowling balls may be in our future.