Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Taste She Craves

Ainsley had her first White Castle cheeseburger yesterday.

I am a big fan of the Castle. I only get a sack of sliders a couple of times a year, because I care about my digestive system and don't like to anger it, but it's a big treat when I do make a stop there. Oddly, I've never taken Ainsley. Jason hates White Castle, so my crave fulfillment only happens on a rare occasion that I am left to my own devices for lunch or dinner.

Conveniently, there's a WC (no, not short for "water closet", though that's usually what you look for right after eating there) right next to our grocery store. Ainsley and I were hungry when we headed out to do our shopping, and the time just seemed right.

I knew she'd dig the onion chips. Ainsley has interesting food tastes; there are things she adores which I love but Jason can't stand (onion rings, raw tomatoes, pickles) and vice versa (goetta, tomato soup.) But I didn't know about those little steam-grilled cheeseburgers.

She took a bite.

"What do you think?"

She thought for a minute. "There's something in there that makes them really yummy, but I don't know what it is."

Ahhh. That's my girl. I wanted to tell her that there definintely was something in there that made them yummy, and that it was possibly some secret ingredient like in The Colonel's chicken that causes you to crave it fortnightly.

She inhaled the onion chips and finished her little cheeseburger. At one point she pointed to a little carmel-colored piece of chopped, grilled onion hanging out of the bun and correctly identified it as the yummy-making ingredient.

When we left, she was already making plans for the next visit and what she would try (she wants her own box of onion chips instead of sharing with Mommy.)

I've started something soooo bad.

Her stomach will never be the same.

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dd said...

You will have to write a follow up on how she handled the 'slider'! hahahahahahahaahah