Thursday, October 1, 2009

An Update...

You know how I did a lot of complaining yesterday? Like usual?

Just a few hours after I posted that entry about the mini nervous breakdown I had as a result of all the crap that has been going wrong in and around my house, I got a call from my hubby.

"So...ah...yeah. I just wrecked my car."

Here are things to be thankful for:

1. He doesn't have a scratch, for it was as minor as a collision with a semi could possibly be.
2. The car maybe isn't totalled.
3. We had renewed our AAA membership this summer, even though I would have bet money before the accident that we forgot and were no longer covered for towing.

But every silver cloud has a dark lining in my book, so let me just also add...


One friend of mine believes in past lives and is now convinced that I was a bad, bad person in a previous incarnation and am paying off cosmic debt right now. One friend suggested that I just wrap our house, our cars, and ourselves in large sheets of bubble wrap until our wonky mojo passes. And yet another friend says this most recent development in "bad things are happening at the Cranky house" is actually very good luck and not very bad luck because no one was hurt and our auto insurance has a pretty low deductible.

I just report. You decide.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Maybe you're just getting your bad luck out of the way this year, and next year will be great! :)