Tuesday, April 30, 2013

For sale.

For sale:

One house. Three bedrooms, one updated bath, one updated kitchen. Many memories.

Former home of Appalachian migrants who moved north to seek better employment opportunities and a more prosperous life for their two girls.

Also the home, at two different stages of its history, of two beloved cats. (And one that was merely tolerated.)

Newer windows; older view.

Recently remodelled carport, driveway, and concrete back porch provide a shady, safe location for cherished granddaughters to blow bubbles, draw with sidewalk chalk, sip Icees, and snuggle with their Mamaw on the porch swing.

Extra-large side and back yard for outdoor entertaining or for simply letting the kids run relay races, play Whiffle ball, or sit and do nothing at all.

Fresh paint, new lighting fixtures, clean carpet, closet doors that finally open and close as smooth as butter.

The feel of a new house in an old neighborhood where everyone looks out for each other.

Enquire within.

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