Monday, December 3, 2007

Just Stand Around Me and Wave Your Arms, Charlie-Brown Style

Just watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas." I still cackle at the dance scene, and have a new favorite dancing character every year; this year, I was all about the brunette in the lime-green dress who just puts her hands in front of her face, "Vogue"-style. She replaced the Frankenstein-looking guy who runs in place in profile with his arms held out like a classic movie monster. Oh, if only Dance Dance Revolution let me get away with such rad moves.

And as always, I wish we could truly make things prettier by just standing around them and waving our arms willy-nilly, like the tree's Extreme Makeover scene.

Such a classic. And it gets so many things right. I feel a little Christmas spirit coming on...oh, wait, that's the shot of Wild Turkey Honey-Bourbon liqueur I just took as a hot toddy for my cough.

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