Monday, December 17, 2007

Throat of Strep

The kid stayed home sick again today. AGAIN. This time the culprit is everyone's favorite throat-dwelling bacteria, streptococcus something-or-other-icus.

The good news is that she'll be better enough on Wednesday to go for her last day before the holidays and participate in her class party. The bad news is that, well, she feels pretty horrible and feverish and hasn't been able to get up from a reclining position since around 11am today. And she still has some fluid in one of her ears from her last ear infection a month ago. Grrrreat. If things don't drain with this course of antibiotics, that ear may have to be drained. Which I am guessing involves a sharp instrument. And much wailing and gnashing of teeth from both her and me.

Neither me or Jason are very strep-prone, so we're hoping we get through unscathed. But as the doctor reminded us, what with the 3-7 day incubation period for strep, there's a chance we'll come down with it by, oh, Christmas Eve or so. Fabulous!!

The weird thing is, on this same date last year, Ainsley also had strep. Something about mid-December and all its parties and Santa breakfasts, I guess. Or just plain old bad luck.

Either way, it's enough to make me feel a little less than ho-ho-ho-ful. (There's an off-color joke to be made in there somewhere, but I just don't have the energy for it. Use your imaginations.)

Here's to you, Christmas! You've gotten the best of me two years in a row playing the "sick kid" card.

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