Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Force Will Be With Me. Always.

What a great Christmas.

For once, I made a Christmas brunch that my exceedingly picky family all enjoyed. (My sister said, and I quote, "This is the best Christmas meal we've ever had." Rock on with your beef tenderloin recipe, Paula Deen!) And I got, like, the coolest gift ever.

Remember when I blogged about what I wanted for Christmas and I mentioned the genuine replica Luke Skywalker lightsaber? Well, the hubby surprised me with one on Christmas morning. It makes the cool power-up and power-down noises you remember from the movie (which I will always call just simply Star Wars, because it was the first and the original, and A New Hope sounds like a soap opera, thank you very much, Mr. Lucas.) And when you swing it, the pitch changes. And when you hit something with it, you get the cool clashy-noise. It rocks.

As fond as I am of my full-sized saber, I must say that I was equally thrilled when I opened my exchange gift from Jason's family's party: a lightsaber keychain. So I can clip this adorable little version onto my belt loop and carry The Force around with me to help me find my car's keyhole and our mailbox lock in the dark. In the same package was also a stash of Cacao Reserve bars (with nibs!) You know what this means, don't you? The Family reads my blog. I had no idea. I was really touched by that. How awesome was that to get a gift that shows that people listen to what I have to say? But does that also mean I have to censor myself more? Nah. (I love you guys! Shout out to the E-Ville!)

There was some other good stuff from Jason, mostly some CDs that show what uncool taste I have in music (please tell me I'm not the only one who got all excited by the new Garth Brooks collection...anyone? Anyone?) But when I look back years from now on the Christmas of 2007, I will think of my two lightsabers and their awesomeness.

I hope you, too, got something you really wished for this year, something that made you giggle when you opened the box and something that made you feel like someone "gets" you.

If you got any cool gifts this year, holler back below.

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