Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Funnies

Today's entry isn't funny ha-ha. More like funny strange.

I caught a news story yesterday about genetic research that indicates all blue-eyed people in the world are related, and that they all descended from one freaky gene-mutated ancestor.

Click here to get the science behind it.

I've always thought that my brown eyes are boring; hearing that brown is "the default eye color for human beings" makes me feel oh-so-special.

Lest all you blue-eyed readers out there start thinking you're so blessed just because you have a gene mutation we average-eyed people don't, think about this: if your spouse/significant other also has blue eyes, then that person is on some very small level related to you, and unless you already live in Kentucky, that makes your relationship kinda incestuous and taboo. Ewwwww.

I've read several different articles about this, and it seems this only applies to truly blue-eyed people; if you have some green, gray, or hazel in your eyes, you lack the mutation that has completely rid the default brown from the iris and a little brown has crept in, making the green or gray or hazel sneak in. Reese Witherspoon seems to be the celebrity spokesmodel for the shade of blue the researchers are talking about; I've seen her picture attached to the article at least three times.

So if you've got Reese Witherspoon eyes, and you're still prowling for a mate, beware. That cute blue-eyed boy at the bar who gives who his number just may be your 1,238,086th cousin, 465 times removed.


Karen said...

I read that article too. I guess I'm just lucky that my mutant-eyed self managed to find a guy with brown eyes!

Robert K. said...

Not quite as cool a mutation as being able to levitate buildings with your mind, or extend adamantium claws from your fists, but blue-eyed me will take it anyway. :)