Friday, February 15, 2008

Things I Love

In honor of Cupid and hearts and all that mushy stuff, I thought I would write today about some things that I love. I think I've done this already as a blog entry last winter, but my list of favorite things changes frequently, so here's the updated version.

Top Ten Things I Love (besides my family, of course; love y'all!)

1. Having my 5-year-old read to me before bed instead of me reading to her. Ains started wanting to read this winter, and it's so cool to listen to her sound her way through Level 2 easy readers about Barbie and her beloved Disney princesses.

2. Playing video games. I didn't used to like games. I thought they were a waste of time. Then came Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero III, and Rock Band. And there went my free time.

3. A pot of fresh coffee brewed by my husband, who makes the best coffee in the world. Especially when he makes it for us on the weekends before I'm out of bed.

4. When snowflakes get stuck on my daugher's beautiful eyelashes, but she's too busy catching the flakes on her tongue to notice.

5. Flannel sheets washed in Tide lavender and vanilla detergent.

6. The new season of Lost (OMG, did you see it last night??.)

7. Unibroue beers. Especially the Ephemere apple ale. Seriously, if you haven't tried this little brewery's creations, you are missing out. Get thee to a well-stocked liquor or party store and check this stuff out.

8. Chocolate. This is one that will ALWAYS be on my list of favorite things.

9. 3D movies. This new generation of digital 3D is awesome. It actually made me enjoy taking Ainsley to the Hannah Montana concert movie. And makes me drool in anticipation of the U2 3D concert movie. Opening TODAY at a theater near you!

10. Writing this blog. I celebrated my one year blogiversary in January, and it's been great therapy and good exercise to get me back in the habit of writing. Of course, writing is not too much fun without an audience. So I guess I love y'all, too.

Have a great long post-Valentine weekend, for those of you with Monday off. I'll be talking to you next week!

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