Monday, February 4, 2008

Shouting Above The Din Of Our Rice Krispies

All day yesterday, I felt like I was gonna hurl. Usually I feel that way the day after the Super Bowl from a combination of adult beverages and home improvement projects (for some reason, when our friends all gather at our house for the Super Bowl, they start wanting to take down wallpaper or paint accent walls; it's bizarre but helpful.) This year, I felt hungover before the party ever started. Partly this is because I am on an antibiotic (for a sudden and alarming breakout of "adult acne", of all things; didn't I fight that battle already when I was, you know, a teenager?), but mostly it's because I was up until the wee hours of Sunday morning playing Rockband.

We have friends who had been threatening to buy a PS3 for the sole (almost) purpose of playing Rockband. Saturday, still in post-vacation euphoria and inspired by a Rockband demonstration on their Caribbean cruise last week, they took the plunge and brought over their new toys. I've written here about how addicted we've gotten to Guitar Hero 3. Rockband kicks that concept up a notch. It allows up to 4 people to rock out together on drums, guitar, bass, and vocals to many of the same songs available on Guitar Hero. Plus, you can download more songs. It's the funnest thing since, well, ever.

As I sung along to "Creep", accompanied on guitar and drums by my hubbie and friends, I thought nothing could be more fun than making a fool out of yourself on vocals. But then I tried drums. And, oh my God. It's hard as hell, because you have a foot pedal and 4 "drums" to keep track of, but it's soooo awesome.

We rotated through all the instruments, but I probably spent most of my playing time on vocals. It's easier for women; the power notes in the upper ranges were killing the men, but were in a beltable chest-voice for me and my librarian friend. The best is when you get a song that you completely don't know and you have to fake your way through it by following the pitch line and trying to match it with your voice while cracking up at lyrics about Rice Krispies (I'm looking at you, Police.) "Synchronicity II" was my first failure, but my bandmates had enough star power to bring me back in. 'Cause that's what your bandmates are for.

We only had 3 instruments going on Saturday; we have to wait for a patch and a compatible guitar in April before we can get our bass groove going. But I'm going to go out on a limb and say we'll be "practicing" our gig a lot between now and April, anyway. With no scripted TV shows this winter to catch up on on weekend nights, what else are we going to do? Read? Get out of the house and take in some culture? Not when I can channel Axel Rose and get nodules on my vocal cords!

Ladies and gentlemen, now presenting in their world debut, live from Cranky's basement...The Pop Tarts!

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