Thursday, May 1, 2008

And This Just In...

I didn't stay up to watch all of the results show last night (once I saw that David Cook was safe, I was satisfied and went to bed), and just saw from frequent flyer Robert K. that America has voted and sent Brooke home.

It probably was her time, though I had honestly been hoping for Jason or "Never Met A Camera I Didn't Like" Syesha. It occurred to me as I saw the recap of Miss Baby Cry's performance that I didn't comment on her in yesterday's post. I never have much to say about her. I don't get her, really. Sure, she has formidable pipes, but she neither really gets on my nerves nor knocks my socks off. I have zero emotional connection to her. In fact, the only comment I had about her Tuesday night while watching was, "When Fantasia sang 'Summertime' while sitting barefoot at the edge of the stage it worked because it fit her and the song. You, my friend, singing your Neil Diamond song, are no Fantasia." And then I think I got up and grabbed a handful of Cookie Crisp, because her performances always seem like a good time to get up and get a snack because I really won't be missing anything.

Even though Brooke had some flaws, I, like Robert, am a little bummed she's gone. When she was on target, she had that kind of Carly Simon thing going. Though I do hope she takes this opportunity to de-stress a little; girlfriend seemed as uncomfortable on stage the last two weeks as Jamie Lynn Spears at a teen abstinence convention.

That is all for now. Obviously, I have little going on in my life right now other than getting fired up over a reality show. Though I do have an all new "Out of the Mouth of Ains" coming soon; she's been rather insightful this week.

Stay classy, America.

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