Thursday, May 15, 2008


Here's an update on the vertigo thing. Let me see if I can focus on the screen long enough to tap it out (things are still swimming and I still feel like I've had a bad night of Goldschlager.)

I did get in with the doctor, but not until late yesterday afternoon. The nurse I spoke with over the phone told me if I felt any worse by appointment time I was to go to the ER. That's always a troubling thing to hear. Because just hearing that makes you feel, you know, panicky, which in turn makes everything seem worse, which in turn makes you feel like you should go to the ER.

She saw fluid behind my right ear drum, probably a remnant from the bad cold I had, and that could be responsible for the vertigo. It makes sense, really.

So I have two different medicines to try to control the symptoms and dry up the fluid, and if the world starts turning by tomorrow morning, we're good.

If I am still having these symptoms tomorrow morning, I am supposed to call her and she will try to get me a CT scan immediately. As in, go to the hospital, go directly to the hospital. Do not pass go, do not pass out on the way.

To quote Grandpa Simpson:

I'm feeling feelings I've never felt before...I think I'm in love! No,'s a stroke.

I jest. It's no lauging matter, really. But until things quit spinning, and until I feel "sober", I laugh to keep from going nuts.

I will keep you updated, kids.

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dd said...

This past fall/winter, I had a HORRIBLE head cold that lasted for at LEAST 3 months! At one point, I had fluid in my ear as well and tried MULTIPLE drugs and doctor visits to get it cleared up and felt the vertigo! It was CRAZY!!! One minute I would be perfectly fine and with a tilt/turn of my head, I would be lucky to not fall on the floor! (That was always a trick when I would be working with a student and then get up/turn to answer another question and have to catch myself on the table before moving on----they must have thought I was hitting the cough/cold medicine a little hard!)
ANYWAY, during "haunted house season" we went to the Dent Haunted House (if you have never been and love a scare good enough to make you pee your pants, I HIGHLY recommend going next year) and at one point, there is a 'spinning room' where you were to cross a bridge. I really didn't think much about it and I took one step on the bridge and with the vertigo-feeling-sinus-infection and the illusion of the room spinning, I DID WIPE OUT!!!! I landed on one knee and HANGING for dear life from the guard rail! I felt paralyzed and could not coordinate myself to get upright and finish the trip across the bridge. I felt that if I let go of the handrail, I would be forever swept into the spinning oblivion!!!!! It was a feeling that I had never experienced and hope to never have it again.....hopefully, you can get yourself cleared! The final decision from my team of doctors was to put a tube in my ear to allow it to drain. Fortunately, before it got to that point, my cold had cleared!
I feel your pain.....HANG IN THERE!!! (and I do mean HANG!!!!)