Saturday, December 6, 2008

Beware The Evil Eye Of Clinique!

Oh, the joy a free makeup bag from Clinique brings.

The ladies out there no doubt know all about Clinique's regular promotions where if you spend a mere $22.95 or something close to that figure you get a bunch of free sample-sized makeup in colors only Jezebel could love. I live for this, as a sometime fan of Clinique; that crap's expensive and I really need a tiny tube of lipstick in a shade called "Grapevine" after I've blown a day's salary on their hypoallergenic eye makeup, just to make me feel like I scored a bargain. Never mind that "Grapevine" makes me look like one of the vampires in Twilight after dining on a little deer blood.

Ainsley benefited from the last round of Bonus Days. I got a bright green plastic clutch filled with too-bright makeup, but the sales lady let Ainsley pick her own smaller bright-green plastic makeup case. It was empty, and was an extra from a previous promotion, but it made Ainsley feel like a big girl as she left the store with a little makeup bag that was a miniature of her mommy's.

It's a round bag with a handle and after dinner Ainsley held the bag up in front of one of her eyes.

"Look, mommy," she said in a suddenly deep, ominous voice. "It's the Evil Eye Of Hell!"

It's the what now?

I guess that's the kind of imaginative play you get when you let a Catholic school girl suddenly interested in heaven and hell watch The Lord Of The Rings movies.

But I can't help but also see it as a commentary on expensive department store makeup.

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