Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Romance Doesn't Have To Have A Balloon In The Sky (Well, for Ains, it does.)

Our summer cruise is starting to get Ainsley's motor running.

At least once a day she mentions our July vacation plans and asks me questions, some of which I don't know the answer to. Will I get to eat ice cream? Most definitely. Will the plane ride be fun? For you, maybe. For me, certainly not. Will the weather be nice? Let's hope so. Will Daddy get seasick? Oh, mercy, I hope not.

Last night, she started talking about our anniversary. She's heard that her mom and dad will be celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary on the second day of the cruise; like many small children, she can tune out her parents' voices when we're asking her to do something but when we're in a private conversation she can pick up all the details with her amazing bat eats. When our cruise coordinator from Carnival called last to go over details and politely remind us that the final payment was due, Ainsley overheard me telling the guy that we would be onboard on our anniversary and that, yes, we would appreciate any kind of free special treatment the boat will be willing to give us. I don't like a lot of attention from strangers, but I'm all about free stuff, especially if it's in the form of a special dessert and a glass or three of champagne.

"Mommy, I can't wait for you and Daddy to have your anniversary on the boat."

"Really, Ains? Why?"

"Because it will be a celebration! And I LOVE celebrations!"

What can I say? My girl likes to party all the time.

"I don't know how much of a celebration it will be, Ainsley. They may not do anything special at all."

"But maybe we can all three have a really nice dinner like we do sometimes. And dress up! And maybe Daddy will get you some balloons that say, 'I Love You', or 'Romance', or something like that on them. I hope he remembers that. It is your anniversary and he should do something romantic for you."

Because nothing says "Romance" quite like a big mylar balloon with, well, "Romance" printed on it.

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