Thursday, June 4, 2009

Things She Does NOT Get From Me

Earlier in the week I wrote about the unpleasant things Ainsley says that she gets from me. Here's something she said last night that most definitely, most certainly, is not something I have ever said, ever thought, or ever will say.

She was looking at her little pink shower pouf and said,

"I love pink. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everything in the whole entire world was pink?"

Imagine all the life in pink...

Are you nauseated yet?


Karen said...

I am, I am!! Maybe it was my trying to keep the pink away that made her love it so!

Melmart said...

Now you know how I feel during the October pink craziness. I have disliked pepto-pink my whole life. Maybe that's why my cynicism fights with my sense of supporting a good cause.

It begs a quote from Steele Magnolias.....if the whole world were would like the whole place was hosed down with pepto bismol.