Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Frequent Flyer Miles on the Strep Wagon

I had worked on a blog entry earlier about some irrelevant crap that I thought was making my day so boo-hoo miserable, and just as I was editing it this afternoon my daughter's school called to say she was suddenly running a fever of 102 and not acting like herself. Crap.

So we went to the doctor, who initally didn't want a strep culture, because it was so clearly a virus that's going around. But I know her patterns. She's had strep two other times since last June. Mommies know. When they did the hideous swabbing thing, and the doctor came in the room five minutes later to say, with complete surprise, "Whadda ya know! The first positive today," I almost stood up and cheered, "I frickin' told ya so!" But Ainsley looked like the creature from the black lagoon, so I found it hard to get very enthusiastic.

And here we are. My mom, the usual suspect for sick-day babysitter, is on vacation, so I'll be home with the kid tomorrow.

I started this year thinking I would actually carry some sick days over...what the heck was I smokin'?

Ahh...working mommy-dom.

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Shan said...

I'm sorry to hear about the strep...I was a frequent flyer myself. Hope she feels better soon.