Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Funnies--Express Yourself

My kid cracks me up.

She has started writing. Not just practicing her letters, which is what she had been doing until the last week or so, but actually constructing words and even (hooray!) her first sentence.

This is not school work, mind you. This is my little pumpkin writing for the fun of it, expressing her thoughts, just like her mama. Awwww.

Yesterday afternoon she grabbed a pen and said she wanted to write something important on a picture she had just drawn. When she finished, she showed me. She had written her first unprompted complete sentence. (Well, I'm counting it as a sentence since it started with a capital letter and ended with a period.) Since, as a former English teacher, I strongly believe that writing and thinking go together, I figured I was finally going to get some insight into how that little Ainsley mind works. I looked at the paper, and here's what it said (with her spelling):

No bedspred.

Whoa. Deep.

I have no idea where this child has even picked up the word "bedspread." We call that thing you put on top of your sheets a "comforter" in my family. I asked her to read me the sentence, and she said, "No bedspread," as if to say, "Duh, mom, can't you read?It's plain as day."


On Monday, Ains had to tell a joke in front of her class. Friday afternoon I went online to try to find a simple kid joke she could easily tell; despite the crazy antics some of you have seen, she's pretty shy and speaking in front of others isn't her favorite thing to do. And if I let her choose, she would have picked her own, um, unique version of the classic banana-orange knock-knock joke. According to Ainsley, that joke goes like this:

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad I didn't say banana! (At this point, her audience is completely confused, but she's giggling like mad.)

Sigh. The subtle nuances of the real version of that joke are completely lost on her.

We found a keeper with this little gem, which tickled Ainsley when she heard it and which she could repeat back to me immediately:

What's a cat's favorite color?


Monday on the way home I asked her about her joke. She seemed sad. She said only two people laughed at her joke, and that someone in her class said it wasn't really a joke because it was a question. Seriously, some of the kids in her class need to get over themselves.

When I heard that, I regretted that she didn't tell the joke the way she told our friends Sunday night during a practice run. On that occasion, she asked the set-up question. After we all answered, "I don't know. What IS a cat's favorite color?", she got down on all fours, started meowing, and made a dramatic exit down the hall and to her bedroom. Since she was wearing purple pajamas at the time, it was kinda like performance art. Physical comedy is everyone's favorite.


If any of you have an XBox or PS3, you need to get the American Idol Encore game. I don't actually have it yet (I decided I would rather have it for PS3 than for the Wii, and you'll see why in a moment.) But if I was on the fence about purchasing it, all that changed when I saw the list of downloadable songs you can purchase in addition to the 40 songs that come with the game. Some of the choices are hi-larious when you imagine yourself or a group of your friends belting them out in your basement in front of a digitally created Simon, Randy, and (clap like a seal!) Paula. Click here to see the list. (You'll have to scroll through the other Karaoke Revolution games lists to get to the Encore list.)

Karen--Chattahoochee! OMG!

I will get to unleash my inner Britney Spears! I can duet with the hubby on "You're the One That I Want" and that roller-rink slow-skate classic, "Endless Love"! I will finally see the official lyrics for "It's the End of the World As We Know It"! And the Nickelback! Oh my God, the Nickelback!

Have a great Easter (which I originally typed as "Eater"--got Reese's peanut butter eggs on the brain) weekend, y'all.

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Hey, do you think everyone could sing Chattahoochee over and over and over? I'd really like that! ;-P