Monday, September 15, 2008

And If You Don't Have Any Damage...Make Your Own!

There just wasn't enough damage to my house after the wind storm, so I made my own. When I tried to put our patio umbrella back in its stand in the middle of our glass patio table, I let go and the umbrella hit the glass, shattering it into a million teeny tiny pieces. Right now from my kitchen window you can hear the rain-like sound of glass shards falling through the cracks in the wooden slats of our deck.


I have swept everything up into a pile and the hubby wants me to wait until he comes home to start scooping into the can (I can't risk getting a cut with my lymphedema.) It's making me crazy to leave a neat pile of danger just sitting around. And I feel responsible, so I am itching (literally; I have glass powder all over my clothes) to get out there and get the mess out of the way.

Our neighbors have volunteered their shop vac; the only good thing about natural disaster is learning how darned nice your neighbors are.

I am quarantining myself to the couch for the duration of the cleanup process less I "help" our situation any more.

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