Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Most Shocking News I've Heard In At Least Two Hours

Prepare to be shocked! You totally didn't see this coming, or predict it.

I heard it on the radio this morning and almost lost control of the car because it was just sooooo unexpected. Clay Aiken has officially come out of the closet!

Here's my shocked face....and, scene.

I'm not why sure this was the top headline today, or why we care, or how anybody with half a brain or one-tenth of an ounce of gaydar could possibly be surprised by this, but there you go.

I remember when I was young and was just learning about the birds and the bees and the fact that some boy bees prefer the company of other boy bees and seeing news stories about the first two Hollywood personalities I first heard talked about as gay in the dawn of AIDS awarenes: Rock Hudson and Liberace. The former surprised me; the latter did not. I liken Clay Aiken's coming out much more on the scale of Liberace.

I am not sure why we all care, or why I even felt compelled to write about it today when there are much larger, more important issues to fret over (the current state of affairs on Wall Street; human rights violations in China; why Heroes just can't seem to get back the joy of its first season). I can't help but find celebrity lives and their dramas interesting, even at times like this when the shocking personal revelation isn't really all that shocking (I had a similar reaction of not-surprise when Brit-Brit drove away with her kid on her lap. She's just from a long line of po' white trash just like me, y'all.) Especially for good old Clay, who my husband calls "The Middle-Aged Housewife" for his striking resemblance to...well, a middle-aged housewife. Though I prefer to call him "Young Barry Manilow."

Are you one of those people who reads People, watches Entertainment Tonight, or goes online to read celebrity "news" and gossip? Have you ever been shocked by a celebrity revelation? Or are you normal and worry about real issues? And why does an entertainer's sexual orientation make news?


Robert K. said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who was disappointed by Heroes the other night. My co-worker loved it, and couldn't understand why I was complaining.

Oh yeah, Clay Aiken. Gay. Whatever.

Library Lady said...

Jason and I were both underwhelmed by the premiere. So sad for a show that once rivaled Lost in our affections...I did love the Claire/Sylar scene that mimicked the closet scene in Halloween, though. When will frightened girls learn to stop hiding in closets when chased by the boogeyman?

Karen said...

To me, the more shocking news is that you compared your family line to that po' white trash Britney. Your family is much better than that!! :)