Friday, October 31, 2008

Live From Erlanger...It's Halloween!

Today's guest blogger is none other than Sarah Palin, Republican governor of Alaska and vice-presidential nominee. She stopped in today to spend some time at a local high school during a campaign stop in Cincinnati.

It's so good to be talking to you today from the real America! All the folks here have been so nice. Even Cranky the Librarian when I asked her why the Harry Potter books were still on her shelves even after that liberal propaganda email went around saying that I wanted to ban them before they were even published. She just smiled and leaned against that Barack Obama wall calendar of hers. And then she offered to let me read some of her magazines and newspapers. What a gal.

Remember to get out and vote this Tuesday. Whether you vote for the real Mavericks or for those guys who will raise your taxes and bring socialism to our country, just vote. (Wink.)

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Robert K. said...

Considering the $700 billion bailout that just passed, and the Medicare prescription drug benefit that ballooned the total cost, and the refusal to fix a social security system that is a blatant transfer of wealth from the working class to (generally) more affluent retirees, which party is the one that DOESN'T raise taxes and bring socialism to our country??? ;)

By the way, love the Halloween costume.