Friday, October 10, 2008

Out of the Mouth of Ains, Like, Totally

A few nights ago Ains was talking about how last year she spent most of the year sitting next to her frenemy, Greg, and this year she has found herself sitting next to him again.

"I sat with him all last year and now I'm sitting with him again and I am totally not okay with that."


Then yesterday in art class she made a cute picture using some kind of horse stencil. She outlined three horses and at the bottom wrote (this is her grammar and punctuation):

Ainsley(s) horsis

And at the top:

My Littel Pones

And out of each pony's mouth she had a little dialogue bubble (she has just discovered these devices) saying some version of, "Fabulous!" The spellings differed depending on the pony, and one just said, "Fab!"

And then the best part. Off to the side she had written:

I Love you Mom! and Thanck you for being 20% Good Mom : )

Of course, her smiley face wasn't an electronic one, so it was right-side-up.

See, her teacher this year uses percentages for all their little tests and quizzes, and Ainsley just wanted to use a percent sign.

"You know, Ains, 20% isn't very much."

"Ahhhh!" she said, taking the paper from my hand and erasing the 20.

"How about 860%? Is that a lot?" she asked.

Yes. I do believe that makes me the best good mom there is.

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Karen said...

Wow. 860%? We're going to have to buy you one of those #1 Mom license plates for the front of your car! :)