Friday, October 3, 2008

The Spider Strikes Back

These are the things that convince me there is a God, or at least something Karma-ish. Whatever it is that powers the universe has a wicked sense of humor and strong sense of divine retribution.

We just came in from a fire drill here at school. We were waiting to be told to go back in when I heard a student say,

"Mrs. Cranky, you have a spider on your leg."

Since said student was standing next to the teacher also known as Rambling Shan in the comments, the teacher who I go to with all my "big spider" stories, I thought she had egged this child on to say the one thing that would make me flip my lid.

I smiled at her and said something like, "Yeah, yeah, sure it is," and then looked down.

Indeed, there was a largish spider at mid-thigh.

Not a spider, technically, but a daddy long-legs, which a helpful teacher told me later are actually more venemous and harmful to humans than the vast majority of spider species. Thanks.

Still, there were a bunch of legs crawling all up on my person.

I screamed. And I mean screamed. As though I were being stabbed.

This was in front of many, many students and teachers.

After screaming, and shaking the damn thing off my leg, I went to Rambling Shan and hid behind her for no reason I can really recall right now except that she was there. I do not keep a cool head in such situations.

I just know this was my cosmic punishment for hiring a hitman to take out the Basement Behemoth of 2008. Ha, ha, God! Joke's on me.


Karen said...

Don't worry. I saw somewhere that, while daddy longlegs are the most venomous spiders, their fangs are so tiny, they couldn't even break your skin. Maybe it was on Mythbusters. :) At least that student told you about the spider instead of it just hanging out there on you!

Becky said...

Karen is correct. If the sucker ever had a chance it was only the webs of your fingers or toes. --Charlie

Shan said...

No worries! But, know I would never egg on anyone to tease you about spiders. You and I are in agreement that they are creepy and must be destroyed!

And, if it makes you feel any better, according to, the daddy long legs is not poisonous, so you can breathe a little easier there.