Friday, October 31, 2008

I Are The Champion, My Friends...

But my feet...will be hurting...'til the end... (bum bum BUM)

That picture I posted didn't do me justice (and I'm not bragging, it just didn't capture my Sarah-ness.) I won our faculty costume contest. I have walked in governor Palin's shoes all day and my feet are killing me. I have great sympathy for her now for no other reason than it's no fun being this "pretty" all the time.

Several students said,

"Mrs. Cranky, you look really pretty today."

And I am much cuter in full Palin makeup than I usually am.

Others said,,

"Wait...who are you? Are you supposed to be that one chick who's running against Obama?"

I have no response for that.

And still others said,

"You look as good as Tina Fey!"

Which, seeing as how Tina Fey is currently my favorite celebrity-type person, is very flattering while at the same time grossly untrue.

It all makes me so darned happy...


Karen said...

Wow! You look just like her. Now, tell me how I can do my hair like that. ;)

Robert K. said...

The only thing that would have made it better would have been a dead moose prop in the background. ;)

Library Lady said...

Karen, you too can have my's my old chemo wig with the sides pulled back and the top teased a little. It's a Raquel Welch, and I am sure you could find it online : )