Friday, September 28, 2007

Out of the Mouth of Ains

It's been a while since I did one of these; I guess Ainsley just hasn't said a lot of funny things here lately (of course she has; I'm just getting old and can't remember them the next morning.) I remember this one, though.

Last night in the tub, Ains told me how the "bossy" girls at the "red table" told her that they weren't her friends because she wasn't in the red table group. (Ahh, kindergarten politics.) I told her that was fine, and that she has other friends, and that she didn't really need to be friends with a bunch of bossy girls, anyway.

"I told one girl she was bossy," said Ains. "And then she told me my mommy and daddy were bossy."

So, the whole "Yo' mama" series of comebacks starts at age 5 now? Lovely.

She continued. "But I told her you're not bossy at all. I think you're really nice, mommy."


And here I am thinking the world in general sees me as a bitch on wheels. Good to know someone thinks I'm nice (though I know the first time I put her in time out for something this weekend, she's going to sign a different tune.) It was a sweet moment, and I had to give her a big ol' hug for saying that.

So for today, think of me as...The Nice Librarian.

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