Friday, September 21, 2007

River City

Greetings from Looavul, KY! I'm here for a school media conference, and after trolling for a parking spot for 30 minutes, and going to my first session at 10:45 this morning and not having another one until 2:45, and hauling my laptop and projector around because my room isn't available yet, I am in a FINE mood. Oh, yeah.

I am stressed out about the parking thing because the attendant in the hotel garage said it was full and directed me to a lot across the street where there are these big, "Monthly Parking Only: Violators Will Be Towed" signs. She assured me it was fine, and would even be cheaper, and I put the "After 4pm" fare into the correct slot for my car, but I am trotting out to that lot every half an hour to make sure I'm not being towed. And I sure as hell wasn't leaving the laptop and projector for my presentation tomorrow morning out in the car in that lot. It looks downright seedy. I am going to move it to the hotel garage as soon as the crowd here starts to thin a little later in the day, and until then, I'm just gonna sweat bullets and pray that the garage managers don't start looking too closely at the cars parked there.

The good thing about being so stressed about my car is that I am not feeling remotely panicked about presenting a session in front of my colleagues from across the state tomorrow morning.

The other good news? I am a short walk away from many nice bars at "4th Street Live", and at 5:30 when today's final session wraps up, I am going to have a cold one. I am, after all, sans kid and responsibility tonight. I can be that librarian who looks and acts all stodgy during the day, but rips the glasses off and takes her hair out of the bun at night and becomes a wild woman.

Look out, Looavul! Here come the librarians!

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Spazz7890 said...

How could ya? Come all the way down here and not even give us a good excuse to line up some babysitting! I see how it is . . .