Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For

Remember a while back when I wished for snow?

What the hell was I thinking?

I can hear this weird sound right now, as I sit here at 11:30pm on Tuesday...it's the sound of ice pellets hitting my back windows.

It's been doing this since noon. And sometimes it gets quiet, so I look outside, wondering if the weathermen have screwed up again and the precipitation has stopped. But everytime I've done that I've seen that it's only quiet because the sleet has changed to freezing rain, so it's really not good news.

We had about 4 inches of snow on the ground here in northern Kentucky before it changed over to sleet and freezing rain, and we are expected to get 4--6 more inches when this changes back over to snow sometime tomorrow morning. It's beautiful, but dangerous; we are being told that power outages are almost a certainty for those of us in northern Kentucky as the ice accumulates overnight. So this may or may not be my last blog for a while; only Mother Nature knows for sure.

We didn't have school Monday or today, and won't have it tomorrow. We are in a state of emergency, literally. Ainsley and I got outside to play (well, she played; I shoveled, and my bum shoulder is throbbing for my efforts) before it switched to sleet, so she was thrilled. And though the snow-lover in me loves to look out the window, the heat- and electricity-lover in me is panicking ever so slightly.

So if you are also in the path of this storm (and I believe those of you who dwell in Oklahoma have already seen this thing's wrath), take cover.

Cranky out...for the time being, anyway.


Robert K. said...

Yep, the ice storm closed the university at 1:30 on Monday, and I'm still home today. I need to get out and clear about 4 inches of solid ice off of my driveway today though, because I don't think we'll be closed tomorrow.

corycaleb said...

We here in Southeast Ohio are at a level 2 emergency (at least my county is - some of the surrounding counties are at level 3) and expecting more ice and snow throughout the day. Of course, OUR office is not closed - we only get to stay home for a level 3. I plan to sue the employer if I fall - yeah right, as if I could win anything seeing as I am always falling - ice or not :) Stay warm and safe everybody!