Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Oh, it's terribly dangerous out there right now. But it is so, so gorgeous.

Our period of freezing rain and sleet lasted about 2 hours longer here in northern Kentucky than it was supposed to this morning, so we got about an inch of ice. Then the heaviest snow I've seen in years started, and the result is a picture of winter scenic beauty I haven't seen in these parts in a long time. When I woke up the trees were glazed and weighted with crystalline ice; now the snow has frosted them with a fluffy layer of white.

But we're paying a price for the beauty. The inch of ice fell over top of around 4 inches of snow, and now we have 3 inches of fresh snow on top of that. Power isn't out here, but it's out in many neighborhoods. The road crews have been trying to keep up, but our major interstates are shut down on the hillier spots and the news crews are telling us to stay the hell off the roads.

It sucks for those (like my husband, bless his hard-working heart) who had to get out and drag it in this morning. It's going to suck worse this afternoon since the temperatures are plummeting and all the road slush is expected to freeze back up for the evening rush hour (I told the hubby to work from home today, but this is no time for I-told-you-so). And yet for Ainsley and me...we just can't quit looking out the window.

We may eventually get back to school. I am guessing perhaps in February.

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