Friday, January 16, 2009

This Just In...

Like the people at EW, I am not sure why this was news, but...

It's timely because just last night during her bath Ainsley asked,

"Mommy, you know how that one boy in that one movie we saw about the boy at Christmas stuck his tongue to the pole? Did that really happen?"

And now I can say, yes. Yes, it did.

So let me say this to all of you who might be reading:

Your tongue will stick to metal surfaces at freezing temperatures. Even before I saw A Christmas Story, even before I saw the above article, I knew this to be true. Because I myself, when I was a little children, stuck my tongue to the metal inside of a 1970s-era freezer. Until my mom defrosted said freezer a few months later, my taste buds were still in the frost. And this is apparently a popular experiment; when I went to the doctor for my raw, hideless tongue (rather than wait for the hot water everyone says works I just ripped my tongue out of the freezer) he told me he had done the same thing on a metal ice tray as a kid.

So, kids. Don't try this at home. Many of us who have walked this walk can assure you...your tongue will stick.

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