Monday, January 5, 2009

What Santa Brought

It was a good Christmas in the Cranky house. Maybe not so much health-wise, as one of the things Santa dropped in mine and Jason's stockings was a stomach virus that caused us to get to know our toilet better. But in terms of sheer gift haulage, it was pretty awesome.

Santa brought Ainsley Lucky the Wonder Pup (which pretty much kicks everything we ever got from Santa's ass) and that girly rite of passage and first-degree burns, the Easy Bake Oven. Ever heard of Lucky? It was one of those gift requests that left me a little cold at first; when I saw his commercial, I had a hard time believing he could do all the wonderful things they said he could do. But lo and behold, that little computerized dog is the cutest thing to ever come into our house. He responds to 16 vocal commands and does tricks. And the best part is, when Ainsley is through with him, she can tell him to go to sleep and he actually does! So as far as I am concerned, he's better than a real dog. Though when he's not "asleep" and no one is playing with him, he likes to fart to try to get attention.

I got a GPS from Jason, mostly because I can't navigate my way out of a wet paper bag. Seriously, I have no sense of direction. But now that I have some satellite-driven help, I should always be able to get home. I made the guiding voice in my GPS be a man's voice for those times my dear hubby can't be in the car with me to tell me impatiently that I should turn left.

I got Jason a very manly gift: a coffee grinder. Don't laugh. Boyfriend loves his coffee. And my sister got him the Mario Kart game, which Ainsley has pretty much taken as her own. Even with hours of play each day, I am not convinced she should ever be allowed to get a driver's license.

What cool things did you get this year? And is there anything out there that could possibly be more adorable for kids than Lucky the Wonder Pup?

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Robert K. said...

Deb and I gave each other a new dishwasher this year for Christmas. Between that, and the new AC unit and garage door opener we're still paying off, we didn't really feel like spending a ton of money on gifts.

My grandparents gave me the complete Brisco County Jr. DVD set, which pretty much ruled. I spent my break watching Brisco and reliving college memories of the awesomeness of Bruce Campbell. :)