Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ainsley's Story

Cranky is under the weather, y'all. Ainsley brought a nasty cold home from school, and though she shook it in just a couple of days it has settled into my respiratory system good and proper this weekend. So I am letting the kid blog for me tonight.

What follows is a story she wrote after school Friday, and I present it to you word for word, with her spelling and syntax. Bear in mind she's only in first grade, and her school is big into having kids sound-spell words they don't know. You can tell which words she's had as spelling words the past two years and which ones she's just taking a wild stab at.

Anyhoo, enjoy.

Onse upon a time in a fare away Land
lived a Price a pricecce a stepmother
two step sisters and a ate year old cat they
wher all frinds but one day they wher cidnaped
by a dark wich samantha She wanted to
rule ierland. but with the princceces help
they escaped and they all lived happely ever after
No, she has never watched Bewitched.

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