Monday, March 16, 2009

Wake Me Up When March Madness Ends

It's a sad day for many of us in the bluegrass state.

UK did not get a spot in the field of 65. This was not unexpected. But given that Louisville is in, and Western Kentucky, and even Morehead State, it stings. Add to that the insult to injury that Tubby Smith's team is in two years after he quit us, and throw in a dash of sour grapes that this look to be Louisville's year to take it all, and it just sucks right now to be a UK basketball fan. No offense to my friends who happen to be Cardinals fans, but when Greg Gumbel announced your team as the number one team in the tournament last night, it was like, "Salt, meet wound." If you guys have to be the favorite, the only way we Cats fans can cope is to hope we could be the ones to burst your bubble. Just sayin'.

It's enough to make me not even care about the bracket, not want to put a fiver into my work pool, not even want to put a buck into Jason's family's annual "pick a team out of a hat" gamble. I usually love March with all its madness, but this year I just feel like a pouty kid: I want to pack up my toys and go home. That'll show you.

To the UK fans that read this: How are you coping?

To the fans of other teams: Who are you routing for? Make a case for your team being the last one standing on the bracket I may or may not even fill out.

To those of you who could not care less about college basketball: What does one do in March when one doesn't care about the tournament? This is all so new and different.

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Karen said...

Oh, is basketball still going on? ;)