Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Ains: Cool Kids Edition

I took Ains to my high school's production of High School Musical this weekend. Of course, she loved it. And so did I; possibly the best thing about working with young people is seeing them excel outside of the classroom.

The cast stuck around after the show to sign autographs for the bazillion kids in attendance. After Ains tracked down Gabrielle and Sharpay, I noticed Troy surrounded by a gaggle of girls.

"Don't you want to get Troy's signature?"

"No," she said, getting nervous. "I just want to meet the girls."

I didn't want us to get halfway home and hear, "But mom, I didn't get Troy's signature!", so I offered her one last chance.

"Are you sure?" And then half to myself, "All the cool kids are doing it."

"But mommy...I'm not one of the cool kids."

Fair enough, Ains. Fair enough.

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