Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top of the Mornin' To Ye

Give me back me lucky charms!

No, really, I am snacking on some Lucky Charms right now and one of my students just tried to steal one. Since I have newly discovered that I am approximately as Irish as our biracial President I don't know how else to celebrate today. I am wearing my favorite green tee, I am planning on making Irish stout beef stew for dinner (it's a favorite in our house even when it's not March 17; try it, you won't be disappointed), and I will probably open up a Smithwick's and listen to Gaelic Storm during the eating of said stew. But what else is there?

In the past, I've only done the above things because I'm a Celtic wannabe and because my husband does have a few drops of Irish blood. I've always wished there was a Poor White Trash Day for people like me who are mutts from the southeastern mountains. Now that one I would really know how to celebrate in an authentic fashion. I could obtain some moonshine, wear a house dress and put my hair up with sponge curlers, chain-smoke, fry up some freshly kilt rabbit (I wish I were kidding when I say that my mom has experience with this and could help me), and listen to Loretta Lynn records. We could call it St. Cletus's Day in honor of Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel from The Simpsons.

Kidding! (Not really.)

Now that I know a couple of twigs in the Cranky family tree fork back to an Irish branch, I feel like I need to do something different this year.

Many of you claim stronger ties back to the emerald isle. How do y'all celebrate St. Patrick's Day? And if I had a St. Cletus's Day party, would you come and bring some Moon Pies?


Robert K. said...

Being about half English and half Irish, I generally spend St. Patrick's Day fighting the urge to oppress myself.

DRoss said...

BR drinks Guinness (for strength!) And I am usually frantically wrapping or buying stuff for his b-day. I think we watched the Michael Collins movie on St Pat's one year.

But Po' white trash day? - Count Me In. I'll bring the Hee Haw tapes and the bluegrass music. We can pour sleeves of salted peanuts in RC Colas. If I can just find one of those car horns that blows "Dixieland" just like the Duke boys', y'all can disconnect your doorbell.

Having that blow through the neighborhood can only up your "Crazy Lady" quotient.