Monday, March 30, 2009

Tattoos and Memories and Dead Skin on Trial...

For what it's worth, it was worth all the while.

Sorry, but I do love some Green Day.

I am now the proud owner of a tattoo. A real one. Seriously.

Surprised? Yeah, me too. I mean, I've been threatening to get one since last summer to celebrate five years of remission. But I had to wait until swimming pool season was over, and then people in the family got sick, and we had some bad weather, and it got shelved. And then it happened so fast I still look down and go, "Whaaaa?"

I am on spring break. Oh, glorious time! Friday was my first day of break and since I can't ever really relax unless I schedule relaxation time, I went to get a pedicure Friday morning. And while my toes looked purdy and my heels were scale-free, I thought it would be a good time to go visit the tattoo parlor I had first talked to about my perspective tat back in the fall.

I figured I would meet with the guy, show him what I wanted, and come back some time next week. I also figured I might chicken out, or something might come up like it's done half a dozen time before. I didn't expect to walk out of the parlor with an appointment for 6 o'clock that very evening.

Mom had already said she wanted Ains to spend the night, so I had no excuses. I asked a friend to go with me when Jason declined the invite to be my plus one, and by 7pm I had a purple ribbon on the top of my foot.

Did it hurt? Not as much as I thought it would. People say tattoos hurt, and the foot is the worst, but I don't even think I flinched. Once the artist actually started with the needles, it only took about 20 minutes. And after all I've been through, I am of the mindset that I can handle anything for 20 minutes.

It's amazing, really, that in 20 minutes and for 60 bucks you can get something loud and permanent done to your body.

It throbbed for about an hour after, but my friend and I met our spouses at a local bar and I had a great draft beer with 10% alcohol, so I forgot the pain pretty quickly. If you ever get a tattoo, may I recommend a glass of Three Philosophers as your follow-up? It's better than Vicodin.

It's going to take several weeks to heal, and while it heals I have to baby it (I went for a run Saturday morning and it oozed a tiny little bit of ink, so I learned the hard way that new tattoos are very fragile things.) I invested in some "dressy" Crocs to wear when I go back to work next week. It's already quite beautiful, and I've heard when it's healed it will be even more even and more subtly shaded. So long as I don't sweat off any more ink.

I will post a picture soon, but here's the description so you can form a mental image: it's on my right foot, somewhere between the top and the side. It's an awareness ribbon in a light purple color, since purple is the color for cancer survivors. The artist shaded it with a little darker purple in the shadows to add some depth to the image. It's fairly girly and elegant, as far as tattoos go.

Are any of you sporting any tattoos or other body art I don't know about? Would you ever get a tattoo? And do you think I'm a little trashy now?


DRoss said...

Wow! A purple ribbon on the foot is not trashy. Trashy is the story of your life in technicolor across your back fat.

I could never get a tattoo mostly because I can't stand to have anything on that will not come off easily. I hardly ever wear mascara or colorstay lipstick for that reason. I absolutely drew the line on the waterproof stuff after wearing it one time as a bride and almost having a panic attack when "waterproof eye makeup remover" didn't budge the stuff. It took 4 days to wear off completely and I thought I'd lose it.

Melmart said...

hmmm...i must stay i'm intrigued. can't wait to see it and then eventually point and laugh.